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Our modern perspective on third-party self storage management, digital marketing, staff operations, and strategic planning have made us innovators of the storage industry. With over 100 years of combined experience developing, managing, and owning facilities, our team is committed to helping our partners achieve their goals and maximize their investment.

At Sunbird, we’re more than a storage management company. Our self storage management services and platform allow us to drive occupancy rates while increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction. With the Sunbird Platform, our partners can finally pursue their passions while we protect their investment.

Digital Marketing

Our modern, secure, user-friendly website combined with the best self storage brand results in an enhanced customer experience. The Sunbird Platform proudly offers the best digital marketing services in the self storage industry. With our data-driven marketing approach, the Sunbird Platform increases online visibility and annual revenue, so you’re always up to date with current marketing trends.

The Sunbird Platform simplifies how you utilize marketing and sales by working closely with owners to find the best solution and services to protect their assets, reduce stress, and create more opportunities to pursue other investments. We do this through:

  • Easy to Use Online Rental and Reservation System
  • Increase Sales and Visibility through Search Engine Optimization
  • Secure Digital Platform and Online Reporting System
  • Innovative Web Design and Branding
  • An SEO-optimized website that improves overall web traffic, lead quality, and rankings for high volume self storage industry keywords, ultimately increasing your total number of rentals and annual storage revenue.
  • Measuring success through tools like CallRail and SE Ranking to inform which marketing dollars are performing the best and continually implement improvements so you’ll only spend what you need to reach your revenue goals. We track conversions separately from each marketing channel, so we know which marketing spending is working.

Online Rentals

Simplify the rental process using the Sunbird Platform. Our rental system offers a contact-free rental and reservation experience for customers 24/7. The easy-to-access rental system allows customers, and owners, to have a seamless experience and greater convenience – all thanks to the Sunbird Platform.

  • Streamlined Online Rentals and Reservations
  • Simple and Secure Website
  • 24/7 Customer Account Access
  • Owner Accessible Reporting Software

Revenue Management

Understanding your target market while achieving maximum revenue and NOI is easier than ever with the Sunbird Platform. Our revenue management is driven by a comprehensive pricing strategy that uses real-time data to understand your customer base and local competitors. With the Sunbird Platform, it’s possible to increase profits while reducing operational costs, helping your facility reach its full potential.

  • Closely Analyze Local Competitors to Develop Pricing
  • Measure Current Occupancy Analytics
  • Reduce Daily Operations Costs
  • Increase NOI through Industry Expertise and Sunbird Services

Staff Operations

A facility’s success is dependent on its incredible staff. That’s why the Sunbird Platform focuses on training and developing staff who excel in customer service while also managing daily store operations and procedures. Our approach to staffing and facility operations makes it easy for owners to take a step back, while still keeping track of your facility’s success.

  • Manage Daily Facility Operations
  • Manage Online Marketing and Property Management
  • Pay Monthly Bills and Employee Expenses
  • Owners Easily Access Storage Management Reports


Full Service

Sunbird’s platform includes full-service operations like staffing, payroll management, and facility operations. Our storage facility management service provides partners with peace of mind and more free time, thanks to our staffing and facility operations, and other accommodating services below.

  • Staffing Operations: Hire, Train, and Manage Team
  • Facility Operations: Pays Bills, Taxes, and Payroll
  • Implement Positive Customer Service Practices and Training
  • Handle all Emergencies 24/7


Accomplish Your Goals with a Storage Management Company Like Sunbird

Sunbird partnerships go beyond typical storage facility management. With our years of experience owning, managing, and developing storage facilities, Sunbird Storage Management is here to help your property achieve its maximum potential. Simply request a free store review so we can learn more about your facility and long-term goals.

Not sure if you’re ready for an official review? No worries, contact us to further discuss your ideal Sunbird partnership.